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Welcome to Humboldt Hot Air.org!

Humboldt Hot Air is a program of Playhouse Arts in Arcata, California. Humboldt Hot Air is a new platform whose mission is to support a local audio studio which in turn will facilitate and promote the creation of audio content by local artists and technicians that embrace and reflect the unique community of the Pacific Northwest. Hosting the brand new recording studio “The Annex” we will aspire to create podcasts dedicated to the arts in our community.

Playhouse Arts saw a need for a local audio facility to support local artists and local community voices after the ouster of longtime staff and volunteers at KHSU-FM, the local Arcata based public radio station, licensed to Humboldt State University, on April 11, 2019. Moving to an automated, non-local format, our community lost it’s voice. Humboldt Hot Air came into existence in order to reinstate, foster and develop the lost connections between the arts and our community. As a benefit to the local community many of the public affairs producers who created content for the public radio station, will be creating content for the community in our studio. Humboldt Hot Air will host local voices on this platform, so you, our dear community, can still feel connected to one another.

Focusing on the arts, racial equity and social justice, we will generate content for and by an under-served and rural population whose opportunities are limited by our geographical and socioeconomic constraints.

The brainchild of Executive Director of Playhouse Arts, Jacqueline Dandeneau, longtime KHSU radio host and producer, Danielle Orr and Station Manager of Access Humboldt’s KZZH-LP 96.7’s Matt Knight, along with the support of Access Humboldt’s Executive Director Sean McLaughlin and Program Director Juan Carrillo, a new audio recording facility was built at the Arcata Playhouse. The former storeroom was divided in half and built to suit by Kitt Mann, and sound proofed in colorful fashion. The audio equipment and set up was very generously donated by Access Humboldt in keeping with their mission for “public access of community voices in local media.” With humble beginnings in a storage closet, we are now recording audio content which you can access here at Humboldt Hot Air org. Please consider supporting our endeavors in any way that works for you! We are a 501(c)(3). Our mailing address is: 1251 9th Street, Arcata California 95521.

These are the early days and we are excited to see how we grow and we invite you to participate. In the near future we hope to bring you music programming as well as local podcasts, all created here in Arcata, California.